Minutes 11.01.12

The meeting was called to order by Bill G. Twenty four members and 1 guest were welcomed. The reading of the minutes were dispensed with per popular vote. A welcome was given to Rick Beal the District 4 Governor.

Old business: A reminder was given about the Winterfest Library Program scheduled for December 8th. Club members were encouraged to participate.

A reminder was given about the club Christmas dinner on December 6th with the guidelines for attending.

New business: Bryan J. presented the proposed roster for officers for 2013. The floor was opened for other nominations. There were no others. The following were nominated:

President - Christian M.
Vice president - Mike M.
Secretary - Kelly M.
Treasurer - Bryan J.
A motion was made and seconded to accept these nominees. The motion passed unanimously.

Program: A grading seminar with Tim H. as the finalizer. James A., Christian M., and Bryan J. were on the grading panel. Approximately 20-25 coins were submitted by the club members for grading. After the coins were graded, the panel discussed the method of grading.

Door Prizes: Rick B. - Silver certificate; Kelly M. - 3 legged buffalo

The meeting was adjourned.

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