Officers' Minutes March 2016

We met informally and came to no new policy decisions. We outlined the likely calendar for the year. We met once in February and twice in March. Gary could not make the first February meeting. Alan and Mike exchanged some suggestions for the future. Mike handed off the Secretary’s Purse to Alan because he (Mike) will be out of town in March at the ANA convention in Dallas.

In March, Gary, Mike, Alan, and Mitch met again as usual on March 20 at Whole Foods on William Cannon. The Calendar for the year is still not complete.

April – grading night
May – Metal Detectorist Guest Presentation
June—Pintrest by Gary and the ANA Website by Mike
July –John Riddell by Mike
September—Grading night.
October—Show and Tell?
December – Party

It seems that the club enjoys “Show and Tell” presentations. Everyone gets to share and talk about their passions.

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