Officers' Meeting Minutes 05.31.15

At 2:15 PM present at Whole Foods Arbor Trails William Cannon were Gary Frischen, Alan Russell, and Mike Marotta.

We laid out plans for the remainder of the year.

June – Main presentation: Metal Detecting. Treasure Hunt reports on Lincoln Cent Type Set from circulation. Show and Tell topic: Ladies. Next month’s Treasure Hunt will be a 5-cent Nickel Type Set from Circulation (prize for nicest complete set).

July – Main presentation: Videos about Numismatics. Treasure Hunt reports on 5-cent Nickel Type Set from Circulation. Show and Tell topic: Auction Catalogs. Next month’s Treasure Hunt will be the oldest coin or banknote you find (prize for the oldest).

August – Main presentation: Ancients. Treasure Hunt reports on the Oldest You Found. Show and Tell topic: Books. Next month’s Treasure Hunt: Found on the Ground (prize for the most).

September – Main presentation: “Murder, She Collected” (tentative: Murder mysteries involving coins, etc.) Show and Tell topic: Foreigners (coins, banknotes, etc.). Next month’s Treasure Hunt: Scary!

October—Main presentation: Grading Night! Show and Tell topic: Trivia. Treasure Hunt reports on Scary(!). Next month’s Treasure Hunt: Liar’s Poker.

November—Main Presentation: Club Elections. Show and Tell topic: Political collectibles. Treasure Hunt reports on Liar’s Poker.

December—Christmas Dinner December 3.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Marotta

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