Officers' Meeting Minutes 09.13.15

At 2:00 PM present at Whole Foods Arbor Trails William Cannon were Gary Frischen, Alan Russell, Mitch London, and Mike Marotta.

We laid out plans for the remainder of the year, and looked forward to the next year.

October—Main presentation: Grading Night! Red Book Trivia contest. Email to ask all members to bring challenge questions. Also, we four have to make up five each just to have enough. Next month’s Treasure Hunt: Liar’s Poker.

Library room reservations. Alan spoke on the phone with the librarian at Yarborough, Rebecca Rich-Wolfmeyer. We have three ways to reserve our meeting room for next year.

  1. We can go online at 10:00 AM on November 2.
  2. We can be in line at the library doors at 10:00 AM on November 2 – some people get there at 7:00 o’clock.
  3. We can send an email after 10:00 AM on November 2.

We decided to have two people online and one at the door.

Question from Gary: What do we do if we cannot get the First Thursday at 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM? Do we want to meet another night? We decided to bring this up as new business for the club to discuss at the October 1 meeting.

Library Donations. Mike met in person with the librarian. We have several options. We can give the branch library a cash gift, and they will buy books and put a nameplate thanking us in the front of the books. That seems to be the second best option.

We can also help them select books to buy with the money. That seems the first best choice.

Mike pointed out that no one actually uses the Warman or Koval’s guides for numismatics. We look to the Red Book and the Standard Catalog of World Coins from Krause. The librarian was interested in having books that people actually use. She said, however, that she has never seen anyone use any of the reference books in the 737 catalog numbers (numismatics: coins).

We can just donate books, with the understanding that they not be de-accessioned. However, that brought up another point. We can donate used books that the branch will sell from their rack. The money from that goes directly to the branch general fund.

Gary asked about having the wording on the bookplate approved. We have stickers with the club name on them that we use for our own door prizes.

Yarborough Branch Winterfest. Alan and Mike reported that they heard from the librarian that Winterfest is being scaled back. We will not have a demonstration table. The only music will be from the neighborhood string quartet – no bagpipes.

Club Presentation. Mike reported that the librarian invited the coin club to offer a proposal for a presentation to the library community. It could be any time in the afternoon or evening for about an hour or so. It could be on any topic of interest from the merchant tokens of Austin to the history of Roman coins, or whatever. Mitch and Alan suggested that we edit and improve Mike’s presentation on murder mysteries. They decided to work on that.

Murder Night. Alan suggested that we plan a murder. We then discussed several options from adapting the Clue board game to scripting our own story with victim, clues, witnesses, and perpetrator. Other options were tossed about and kicked around. We might have a plan.

Coin Charades. Alan suggested a night of charades. We discussed team versus individual play. We talked about challenges and clues. Everyone seems to know the general rules of the game. Some will play better than others. Challenged by Mike to present the 1941-D Mercury Dime, Alan was pretty quick with a pantomime. This could go well…

Game Night. Mitch and Alan suggested a game challenge where elements of a coin were removed with Photoshop, and the point is to identify what is missing, or what is wrong.

Alan also suggested games based on Jeopardy, and the Jumble word puzzles. The point of the Jumble would be to unscramble the words, then build the answer from letters in those words. That led to a more complicated suggestion that information or facts about coins be used as one clue leads to another until the final puzzle is solved.

Movie Nights. Mitch and Alan offered to dig deeper into YouTube and other media for interesting video presentations.

Member presentations. We agreed to ask at the next meeting for volunteers to deliver talks to the club. We know the usual suspects, and look forward to their stepping up.

From the TNA to the ANA. Mike offered to call the ANA to see what they can do for us as a club if we join.

We adjourned at 3:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Marotta

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