Minutes 02.02.12

The meeting was called to order by B.G., President. There were 22 members present and no visitors. No written minutes were available. A voice vote approved the lack of minutes.

Old business: The Austin Coin Show was held on January 28th. The turn-out was good, and most dealers reported a good show.

New business: A suggestion was made by some of the members that the club issue membership cards when someone joins the club. The cards are available but haven’t been used for a while. The members decided to go ahead and issue the membership cards.

One of the members noted that this is the first time there have been 6 women members present, which is good to see more women involved in numismatics.

The annual members’ photograph was taken by Harry C.

Program: Earl H. gave a very interesting presentation on type coins. His collection consists of just about every type issued. These coins were on display for the club to see.

The door prize was won by Mitch L., and the three legged buffalo was won by Gwen E.

The meeting was adjourned.

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