Minutes 02.08.13

Minutes were read by Christian. Bryan Jones gave a treasury report.

Old business:  July meeting - The Library is not available on the first Thursday in July of 2013 as it is the 4th of July. Since it is a holiday, we have elected to postpone the meeting until the following Tuesday, the 9th. We will meet at the library at 7:00 pm. By the way, the decision of either having on the 9th or the 2nd was put to vote and the 9th won.

Projector - The projector we want to purchase was not in stock the last time Christian checked at Fry's. Christian and Bryan will get together and attempt to purchase one before the next meeting.

New business:  James wants advertising materials to give out to people at his shop. Mike offered to get something printed up and proposed a vote which passed. Until then, James was supplied with cards that reference our web address. This took us to the next piece of new business, our web address. It is too long. People won't remember, www.iLikeCoins.com/CapitalCityCoinClub. CapitalCityCoinClub is enough. :-)

We voted (Frank proposed and Sara seconded) to purchase two domains for our club. CapitalCityCoinClub.com is available as is AustinCoinClub.com, the club's former name. AustinCoinClub.com will redirect to CapitalCityCoinClub.com. This will be our new web address. Christian and Kelly will handle getting the domains secured, finding a hosting company, setting up email accounts for officers and the webmaster and transfering the current site to the new location.

Bill expressed concern about who would maintain the site going forward. Kelly has offered to do so even if she is no longer an officer of the club if no other member is able.

There will be a coin show in Brownwood next Friday and Saturday. There will be a Gateway show in San Antonio the weekend after that.

Program:  Mike, Bill and Brian M. shared some of their knowledge regarding paper money. Here are a few of the items and bits of information they presented.

  • Short Snorter - In WWII, soldiers and clubs would write all of their names on a bill. For more information on the history of the short snorter, see the following links: Shortsnorter.org, Wikipedia, Famous Short Snorters.
  • Private Currency - People can collect notes with scientists, musicians, poets and countless other types of designs and categories.
  • Notgeld - German principalities made their own private currency. Wikipedia, Notgeld.com, Notgeld Gallery, GermanNotgeld.com.
  • Confederate bond with coupons to redeem principle and interest.
  • Reference materials:
  • State currency - During the early 1800s. Private currency issued by individuals, railroads, banks, stores, etc. Usually came in half cent denominations.
  • Chits
  • Many notes were blank on the back. The would reissue them and reprint them on the other side. Also known as, 'Broken Bank Notes'. Banks would issue them until they were broke.
  • Before the government started making money, currency wasn't cut until it was issued, then it was signed. Full sheets, called 'remainders', were never cut or signed.
  • Postal currency also known as early fractional currency - came about due to the need for alternate forms of currency in smaller denominations. Coins were being hoarded during the civil war. This was something cheap to produce that people would have confidence in. They were heavily counterfeited.
  • Initially, fractional currency was only used to purchase postage. Eventually, you could exchange them for currency. You could exchange the fractionals for an entire note. They were last issued in 1876.
  • 370 million worth of fractional currency was issued and about 1.2 million survives.
  • Specimen notes - are one sided
  • 1861 series notes also known as 'greenbacks' - highly desirable today.

Door Prizes:  Alan and Gary F.

Three Legged Buffalo:  Kelly

The meeting was adjourned.

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