Minutes 03.07.13

Christian read the minutes from last month which were approved by the club. (Frank/Margaret)

Old business: Bill and Christian picked up the club's new projector.

Mike had some design mock ups of advertising fliers for local coin dealers to keep in their shops. Everyone looked at and approved the direction he was going with it, however, he is still getting bids on how much it will cost to produce.

New business: Many had been asking for membership cards. Our by-laws state that everyone should have a member number, but nobody in the club could ever remember having assigned numbers. What we decided to do instead is update the by-laws to exclude member numbers and instead include the year you became a member. Kelly will do some research to find everyone's years' and look into updating the by-laws.

The secretary updated some people's email addresses and will be providing coin show information to TNA for them to include in the TNA News.

Program: Christian used our new projector to show everyone how small differences in some coins can mean a huge difference in the value.

Door Prizes: Bill and Gary won the door prizes. That's Gary's second month in a row. He's on a roll. Note that the door prizes were also handed out for February to Gary and Alan.

Three legged buffalo prize: James

Members: 29

Attendance: 22

The meeting was adjourned.

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