Minutes 06.02.11

The meeting was called to order by Bill G., President. There were 20 members and 1 guest present. The guest was welcomed. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

An announcement was made that Francis Smith passed away on May 20th of a sudden heart attack. Francis was a long time, valued member of the club and had held all the various offices in the club. At the time of his passing, he had been the treasurer for many years. The upcoming show on June 18th will be dedicated to him. Brian J. was elected the interim club treasurer.

Old Business: A discussion was held about the new district four governor of the TNA. Mike Egger decided not to run, and Rick Beale is the candidate. We wish Rick the best.

New Business: A motion for several changes to our business format was made, seconded and passed. The changes are as follows: (1) an attendance prize will no longer be given; (2) the prize for the three-legged buffalo will no longer be the 2 peso gold coin, and the prize will be capped at $25; (3) only one door prize will be given per meeting.

Treasurer's Report: At the present time the club is solvent. However, we are spending at a rate greater than the income which means the funds will be depleted if the spending habits aren’t altered. Some recommendations to accomplish this goal will be presented soon.

Program: The program for the evening was preparing post cards to mail out for the June 18th show.

The meeting was adjourned.

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