Minutes 07.07.11

The meeting was called to order by Bill G., President. There were 17 members and 1 visitor present. The minutes from the June meeting were read and approved.

Old Business: A discussion was continued regarding the passing of our treasurer and the club funds.

New Business: The Bourse Chairman, Bryan J. gave a report on the club show on June 18th. The show was successful in spite of a 10% decrease in public attendance. Christian M. reported that the club web site was receiving hits and inquiries. Bryan J. has made arrangements to get all his coin shows listed on the club site and one other site.

Treasurer's Report: At the present time the club is solvent. However, we are spending at a rate greater than the income which means the funds will be depleted if the spending habits aren’t altered. Some recommendations to accomplish this goal will be presented soon.

An auction was held, but nothing was sold.

The program for August is in the works.

The door prize was won by Martin S. The three legged buffalo was won by Harry C.

The meeting was closed with a general open topic discussion.

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