Minutes 10.06.11

The meeting was called to order by Bill G., President. There were 16 members and 1 visitor present. The visitor, Michael M. later joined. Michael is a technical writer who has written for ANA. The minutes were read and approved.

Old Business: A reminder was given of the up-coming Christmas Dinner, which will be December 1st at 6:30 PM at Hoover’s Home Cooking on Hwy. 183.

New Business: Club offices for 2012 will be nominated in November. A reminder was also given about the Hancock Library function on December 3rd. The club will be involved with an exhibit to educate the public about the function of the club.

Treasurer's Report: The club is financially solvent.

Program: The program consisted of a grading seminar with our regular panel of graders. A special grader was present, Mr. Tim H., who was a grader for one of the top four grading services. There were 16 coins submitted and graded.

Door prize was won by Joe G. The three legged buffalo was won by Tim H.

The meeting was adjourned.

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