Minutes 01.03.15

Six of us met at noon, went through the line, and took a table in back. Over barbeque we discussed the proposed club calendar of events for 2015. Gary W. brought a flyer for this weekend’s coin show at Windham Gardens. We all encouraged club president Gary F. to pursue the purchase of Bausch and Lomb lenses for the club as door prizes. In addition to reinforcing our ties to the Texas Numismatic Association where we still have minimal visibility, we discussed joining the ANA. The club has been an ANA member in years past. We also thought that Meetup.com could offer opportunities to bring new members, especially younger collectors, to the club. Mitch pointed out that people who participate in Meetup,com are actively looking for a meeting, not just general information.

The meeting lasted just about two hours to the minute.

The meeting was adjourned.

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