Minutes 02.04.16

We began arriving at 6:30. President Gary F. called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

Attendance for the meeting was 18 members. We welcomed two new members, Terry Z. and Jerry P. The club roster stands at 38 total.

Under old business, we discussed the previous Christmas Party which was a financial loss because about half of the members who said that they were coming went to the TNA convention in Houston instead.

Under new business, we heard suggestions for this year’s Christmas Party. Among those were having a drawing instead of door prizes and awarding extra tickets to those who work the club table at the Round Rock show.

We also discussed our presence at the Round Rock show. We have advertising cards, color, 2-sides with our contact information. At the last show, we signed up eight new members.

We discussed the upcoming ANA convention in Dallas. The club table was cancelled because we could not staff it 75% of the time for three days.

Mitch L. delivered a presentation on “Curious Facts about Money.” He explained where many of the words we use for money come from. He also showed examples of interesting paper money. The military payment certificates drew interest from several club members and this may be a topic for a future meeting.

In the drawings, Mr. E. won his first Three-Legged Buffalo; Brian M and John S. took the door prizes.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 and we socialized until 8:30.

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