Minutes 02.05.15

Following the holiday hiatus, the club returned to its usual time and place, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM at the Yarborough Branch Library, 2200 Hancock Drive. Club president Gary F. called the meeting to order. Seventeen members were present. Fourteen paid their annual dues. Three were recorded as having paid for this year at the end of last year.

The club secretary summarized the holiday meetings. In December, we met at the Sirloin Stockade in Round Rock for dinner. The highlight of the night was a gift to the club of records and memoranda from the 1960s. They came to us from the Mexican Coin Company LLC in Arizona. In January, we met at Pok-E-Jo’s barbeque at Brodie Oaks Plaza. We discussed plans for the coming year.

Under new business, the club president brought forward joining meetup.com to attract new members, creating a Facebook page, forming closer ties with the Texas Numismatic Association, and joining the American Numismatic Association. Club member Mitch L., showed the Facebook page he created for the club. Without a vote, the club generally approved the Facebook page and declined the other projects.

The numismatic presentation this month was on roll searching. Gary F. said that while it does take a lot of time and a measurable investment to cycle through large batches of coins from banks, collector coins can be found in rolls. He said that he once went two months without finding anything, but over the years, the hunt has been worthwhile. He showed pictures of many coins and passed others around. He then distributed fifteen rolls which we searched. Several collectible coins were discovered.

For the March meeting, club members will bring their own rolls and we will see what we find.

After the drawings for door prizes, the meeting was adjourned.