Minutes 04.02.15

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by club president Gary F. The minutes of the March meeting were read and approved.

Under New Business were announcements of upcoming coin shows in Round Rock and Waco.

Members were offered National Coin Week materials and Bill G. brought in recent Coin Worlds for those who do not yet subscribe.

Vice President Alan R. announced this month’s Scavenger Hunt, a search for a complete

Bank Set of Federal Reserve Note $1 bills from each of the 12 districts, A through L for Boston through San Francisco. Those who already actively pursue US Paper were invited to bring examples for Show & Tell in May.

Village Coin Shop in Georgetown donated a lot of Canadian cents to the club and each member present received a King George VI coin.

This month’s presentation was a Coin Grading session. Members submitted their hopefuls to our graders, Christian M., James A., and Bryan J. While they were working on that, several members repaired the club type set. Other members began checking their Federal Reserve Notes.

The graders had good news and bad news. The 1877 Indianhead Cent was fake. All 852,500 1877s came from a single set of dies and their characteristics are well-known.

The 1932-S Quarter Dollar also was condemned. The mintmark had been added on.

However, the 1965 Kennedy graded EF 40 and was acknowledged as a major error for its planchet delamination.

The 1851 Large Cent was iffy. A very nice coin, it seemed to show evidence of old cleaning.

Those who brought Show & Tell items received Bausch & Lomb lenses. New member Rob L. won his first 3-Legged Buffalo chit. Moton chose an MS-70 Jefferson Nickel for his door prize.

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