Minutes 04.07.16

We began arriving at 6:30. While socializing we set up the room. President Gary F. called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Attendance for the meeting was 20 members. We welcomed the membership renewal of John E., a long time friend who was away for a few months. The official roster stands at 38. (I will reconcile all of the membership applications with the spreadsheet showing the roster. It was 38 last month, also. Just by theory, 38 + 1 must be something other than 38.)

New business - Gary opened a discussion on how we want to organize our buying and selling at club meetings. We could have a silent auction, swap meets, an open auction, or something else. Bryan J. said that traditionally, the club has always had a buy-and-sell table set up for people to view and negotiate from.

In addition, Gary suggested that for the Christmas Party, instead of everyone getting the same kind of gift as in the past, that we have a drawing for less common collectibles. That drawing would be supported by the issue of additional tickets to members who do additional work. Alan R., and member Hal C. supported. There was no motion. In addition, Gary mentioned the upcoming Round Rock Coin Show April 30, and the need for people to staff the front desk for an hour at a time in order to meet new potential members.

This was grading night. Our graders were James A., Christian M., Bryan J., and Tim H. Every member could submit up to three coins. In fact there were five submissions from three different members. The graders worked in the manner of a Third Party Company with each coin receiving three independent views and a fourth review by a final grader. As our most senior grader, Tim H. was the finalizer. Among the coins were several nice specimens in high grade. Two of them – a Capped Bust Half Dollar in Extremely Fine and a Seated Liberty Half Dollar in About Uncirculated 58—had minor problems visible under the toning. Attributed to old cleaning, they did not fatally detract from the grade. The third example was a Mint State American Gold Eagle. Speaking for the graders, Christian explained that under a powerful loupe, like the others that had been cleaned, this coin also showed very fine parallel lines. However, he said, if you look closely, you can see that these lines are raised, not engraved. They are the result of polish on the dies, not later cleaning of the coin.

Alan R. conducted the Treasure Hunt Challenge. This month the topic was Radar Notes. A Radar Note is a banknote (Federal Reserve Note) with serial numbers that form palindromes such as 78087 or 82533528 or 7447. The winner was John D. with 39000093.

The presentation was conducted by Mike M. This was National Coin Week. The ANA sent all member clubs a 20-question quiz about “Images of Liberty.” The questions had been sent out to all members a couple of weeks before. Those who brought any answers received a memento of their choice: a 2-inch National Coin Week pin back; a book mark; or a $100 seal from the BEP. Answers came from Kurt B., Frank S., James D., Hal C., Mitch L., and Mike M. Harry was under the weather and sent his in via email. We had a lively discussion. We agreed that the ANA does not know everything about coins. Those who are interested will be meeting at Whole Foods William Cannon this Sunday to collate, correlate, and compile one set of answers from us, and one set of questions back to the ANA: we want to see their citations.

Sara H., pulled her own number for the 3-Legged Buffalo Nickel and Elaine drew James A.’s number for the door prize.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 and we put all the tables and chairs back in good order.

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