Minutes 05.07.15

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by club president Gary F. The minutes of the April meeting were read and approved.

Thirteen members were in attendance.

Under old business, Alan R. reported that the club type set was fixed at the previous meeting and all the repairs are in good order.

Under new business were reports of upcoming shows and conventions. The TNA will be meeting in Arlington on the 29th and 30th of May with 200 booths. The next Round Rock show will be in July at the Wingate, as usual. A coin show will be held in Tyler, soon.

The Show & Tell theme for this month was sports. Gary F. presented a Super Bowl flip coin and an Olympic medallion set from a private mint. Hal C brought baseball commemoratives from a private mint. John D. passed around a one dollar Proof 70 1988-W Olympic. Moton shared three ancients, one from the Pythian games, and a drachm of Philip II of Macedon celebrating his horse that won at the 106th Olympiad in 356 BCE, the year that Alexander was born.

Mitch and Sara won Bausch and Lomb lenses for completing the treasure hunt challenge for May. They each assembled a complete set of $1 Federal Reserve Notes by regional bank, A through L, Boston through San Francisco. They agreed that I for Minneapolist was the last one they found.

Next month’s treasure hunt will be for a complete set of 21st century US 1-cent coins. Remember that in 2009, four commemorative reverses were released. Then the current Shield reverse replaced the Lincoln Memorial.

For the door prizes, Mitch drew another chit on his way to the so-called “3-Legged Buffalo” which is actually a US Silver Eagle. Hal C. drew the next door prize and made his selection from the available lots.

The main presentation was on cleaning and toning. Mike M. showed coins that he toned with a variety of foods.

The meeting adjourned a 8:10 and we scurried to put the room in order for the library.

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