Minutes 06.06.13

There was a motion to skip the reading of the minutes from last month.  It passed.

Old business:  Need to followup with Mike M about the fliers for coin shops.

New business: 

  • Mike M resigned as Vice President. 
  • Harry C was nominated, but politely declined.
  • The VP's responsibility is to put together programs for the meetings.
  • There is a show in Grapevine at the same time our show is happening in Austin, June 15.
  • Kelly and Christian will work the show.
  • Need people to volunteer to help at the show.
  • Bryan puts this show on for us for free each year.

Program:  Show and Tell

Door Prizes:  Elaine won the three legged buffalo. James & Hal won the door prizes. James was presented with his TLB award from last meeting.

Attendance:  19

Members:  35

The meeting was adjourned.

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