Minutes 07.02.15

We set up the room and socialized from about 6:40 PM. Club president Gary F. called the meeting to order at 7:05. We did not read the minutes, or have new or old business. Bryan Jones reminded us of our club coin show at the Wingate Motel on I-35 in Round Rock on Saturday (one day only), July 18.

We welcomed a new member, Ben G., Jr., and it was nice to have Harry C. be able to join us for the first time this year.

The topic for Show and Tell for this month was “Auction Catalogs.” Harry C. and Mike M. presented. Harry showed page proofs from an Eduard Frossard catalog from 1853. He specializes in print technology before screen printing and these were heliotypes. The entire stone was photo-sensitized. Mike showed three catalogs that revealed the frauds of John Ford and Paul Franklin.

The Treasure Hunt (collecting challenge) for this month was 21st Century Jefferson Nickels. Kurt’s array was of errors, Nickels on Cent planchets, including clipped planchets. Kurt also displayed photographs of rarities in the same series. Harry C. had a complete type set of 21st century Jefferson Nickels found in circulation, as did Alan R.

The main presentation was a set of four videos that Alan and Mitch found on YouTube. The first was a Montry Python skit about money. The second was about counterfeiting, “Know Your Money” from 1938, in which a vigilant clerk who read the Secret Service circulars helped called the police to arrest a counterfeiter. The third, from the US Mint, was about how coins are made. The last one was a presentation from the Crane Paper Company, a family-owned business that for generations has provided security paper to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Bill G. won the door prize. Moton won the 3-Legged Buffalo Drawing (2 down, 1 to go).

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM, and we put the chairs and tables away.

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