Minutes 08.06.15

Members began arriving at 6:30 as we set up the room and socialized. Club president Gary F. called the meeting to order at 7:00. We postponed the regular agenda in order to give the speaker enough time for his presentation. We heard from club member Brian H. on the subject of ancients.

Rather than attempt to encapsulate the full breadth and range of this area of numismatics, Brian focused on Roman coins of the republic and early empire. He recommended finding a mentor, and then being a mentor to help other new collectors. He said that ancient coins are not necessarily rare or valuable. He estimated that from their invention about 600 BCE to the fall of the Western Roman Empire 1100 years later, perhaps five billion, with means that if only one percent survived, we have a population of about 50 million ancient coins of all kinds.

Brian then showed about 20 coins from the first Roman Aes Graves bronze, through the silver coins of Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, Octavian, and Brutus, to the issues of the first of the Constantine emperors.

After the question and answer session, many of us took the opportunity to view these tiny treasures with our loupes.

Bryan J. reported on the bottom line of the club coin show in Round Rock last month. About 335 to 340 people attended and the show made a net profit, which was deposited to the club bank account.

For the monthly “Treasure Hunt” the challenge was the oldest coin or banknote you found in circulation. Gary F. showed an 1874 British Penny that he found in a roll of half dollars. Mike M. had a 1938-P Jefferson Nickel. Kurt broke ranks (again) but fascinated us with his specially-made error coin, the latest addition to his collection of medals made from different chemical elements.

John D. won the door prize Gary F. won the 3-Legged Buffalo Drawing (his first).

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM, and we put the chairs and tables away.

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