Minutes 09.03.15

Members began arriving at 6:30 as we set up the room and socialized. Club president Gary F. called the meeting to order at 7:00. He then turned the meeting over to vice president Alan R. (Gary had not intended to make the meeting, and Alan was prepared to be the chairman.)

We suspended reading the minutes. (They are online at the CapitalCityCoinClub.org website.)

We welcomed a guest, Frank K., a retiring collector who brought his books. His goal was to leave empty handed, and he did, indeed, leave without any books. (See below.)

New business

The Christmas party was discussed. We considered another restaurant, but voted to return to the Sirloin Stockade in Round Rock. The motion was made by Bryan J., and seconded by Christian M. The vote was unanimous. Hal C. volunteered to make the arrangements, as he has in years past.

November elections. Bryan J., is the nominating committee. Anyone who wants to run for office should see him. We typically return any officers who see re-election. Both Gary F., and Alan R. indicated that they would serve again. Mike M. is not certain of his work schedule, and cannot commit.

Next meeting

Grading night. Christian M., will arrange for one or two more graders to work with him. Any member can submit up to three coins. During the grading, we will have a trivia contest based on The Red Book. It will be open book.

Library Meeting Room

We have to snipe our reservations for the year at midnight, October 1. Kelly M. and Mike M. volunteered to be snipers. Kelly will take the point, and Mike will cover her.

Coin Shows:

Waco on September 12. Temple on September 26. Round Rock on October 17. See the listings on www.coinshows.com. Christian is stepping up to help with show management.

Post Office Box

Treasurer Bryan J. pointed out that the box costs $135 per year. The only mail that we receive are bank statements that can be accessed electronically now, and the Texas Numismatic Association Newsletter, which no one reads. The box expires in March 2016, and we assented by acclamation to his closing it.

TNA Membership

Mike M. moved that we not renew our TNA membership. The cost is small, only $20, but we get nothing for it. We have not seen our Region 5 representative in years. No new members found us because of the TNA Newsletter. We do not advertise our club shows there. The motion was seconded by Bryan J. Without further discussion, the motion carried 10-0 with 4 abstentions.

Library Donations

Alan R. said that it has been several years since we donated books to the local libraries. We typically give new Red Books. He suggested that we could give other important numismatic references. After some open discussion, the matter was tabled until October. Alan then invited any and all members to meet with the officers when we get together for our next planning meeting. (We meet at Whole Foods on William Cannon, just west of the Mopac.) The announcement will go out in a general email.

Monthly Presentation

Mike M. delivered “Coins to Die For” about numismatics in murder mysteries and related fiction. He cited Hawaii Five-O’s “$100,000 Nickel,” as well as episodes of Matlock, and Scooby-Do. Summarizing eight or ten more examples, including Ellery Queen, Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlow, and Sherlock Holmes, he concluded with Richard Stark’s Rare Coin Score, which he recommended highly.

Gary F., then passed around two coins associated with the Binion Hoard and Binion Murder in Las Vegas. He said that the story of Ted Binion’s rise and demise has been told on CSI, American Justice, and other television shows.

The Three-Legged Buffalo drawing was held, but not the door prize. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM, and we examined the books and made our selections while we put the chairs and tables away.


We then turned to the books offered by our guest. In addition to many old Red Books, the table held Walter Breen’s Encyclopedia of Colonial and U.S. Proofs, an Argonaut reprint of G. F. Hill’s Greek Coins, Opitz’s Odd and Curious Money, two Eliasberg auction catalogs, and many other interesting items. There was something for everyone, and no offer was refused.

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