Minutes 09.04.14

There was a motion to skip the reading of the minutes from last month.  It passed.

Old business:  We are in need of new officers for next year. If we do not get volunteers, the club may disband.

New business:  New member - Gary. Winterfest will be Saturday, December 6th from 12:30 - 4:30 at the library.

Program:  Show and tell

  • Repunched mint marks - Before 1909, coins were made w/o the mint mark. They were put on after the fact by hand which took a couple of strikes. The second strike was not always properly aligned with the first.
  • Varieties are all made from one die.
  • Errors are unique.
  • Chop marks - Marks that foreign countries (typically in the Orient) used to indicate that a coin has been verified. Merchants would mark the coin so that it would not have to be verified again.

Door Prizes:  Bill and Paul

Three legged buffalo: Bill

Attendance:  14

Members:  31

The meeting was adjourned.

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