Minutes 09.05.13

There was a motion to skip the reading of the minutes from last month.  It passed.

Old business:  Fliers - Christian redesigned what Mike had done. Included pics of the club and coins. We voted on a final design.

New business: 

  • James has a new shop in Round Rock.
  • Bryan has coin shows coming up.
  • Bryan wants to start a kids coin club inside the antique mall where his shop is and would like the Club to sponsor it. Possible once a month - Saturday afternoon. Motion approved.
  • Winterfest Dec 6 - We will participate.
  • Christmas Dinner possibilities: marie Calendar's, Sirloin Stockade, Threadgills. We decided to have it at 8 o'clock. Hal will look into possible venues.
  • We need to reserve the room at the library for next year. Bill believes this takes place the first day of November. Christian confirmed that we need to sign up on Nov 4 at 10am online.

Program:  Show and Tell

Door Prizes:  Margaret and Larry. Elaine wone the TLB.

Attendance:  20

Members:  39

The meeting was adjourned.

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