Minutes 10.01.15

Members began arriving at 6:30 as we set up the room and socialized. Club president Gary F. called the meeting to order at 7:00.

We welcomed two new members, Patrick Rosenthal and Steve Merschat. Patrick’s interests started out in ancients, but expanded to US as his family became involved. Steve runs a business that gathers coins from fountains, cleans them, and donates the proceeds to charities in the name of the fountain owners or operators.

New business

The Christmas party was discussed. We decided to go to the Golden Corral. Christian moved to rescind the previous choice of the Sirloin Stockade. (See minutes for September 3, 2015.) Hal seconded. The vote was 6 to 2 in favor.

Hal then moved to consider the Golden Corral. Christian seconded. The vote was 6 in favor with 8 abstentions. The motion carried.

Joining the ANA. With Bill G., Margaret G., Sara, and others not present, we agreed to table the vote until November.

Treasure Hunt and Show & Tell
For Halloween, the theme was “Scary Coins.” Kurt brought a Cook Islands commemorative celebrating Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Housed in a replica of the submarine Nautilus, the coin depicted the battle between the crew and the giant squid.

Gary brought a Large Cent with a terrible surface. He also brought a Lincoln Cent and Kennedy Half, each with holes in the head.

Mike brought Neutron Irradiated Dimes from Oakridge National Laboratory.

Kurt also brought a coin that he had made from Uranium as part of his Elements Collection. We kept the uranium away from the neutrons.

No winner was selected.

Monthly Presentation
This was Grading Night. ANACS grader Tim Hargis joined our regulars to inspect coins offered by members for grading opinions.

Jim’s Half Sovereign was genuine gold, but a fake coin, probably a Lebanese Copy, common in the Middle East. Jim said that he was awarded it in Egypt by a government official, so it has sentimental value beyond any other consideration.

John’s Oregon Trail was fake. He bought it online from an English website that seemed not to know the value of the coin as they sold it for less than bullion. It was made from fake dies, likely a transfer copy.

Jim’s 1858 Flying Eagle Cent was whizzed and not Mint State.

The 1943 Lincoln Cent “Steelie” was reprocessed.

The door prize and Three-Legged Buffalo were awarded as the tables and chairs were being put away.

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