Officers' Meeting Minutes 10.25.15

At 2:00 PM present at Whole Foods Arbor Trails William Cannon were Gary Frischen, Alan Russell, and Mike Marotta.

We finalized plans for the remainder of the year, and looked forward to the next year.

November — Main presentation: Kurt B on Gold Coins. Treasure Hunt: Liar’s Poker. Show & Tell any election related collectible.

Christmas Dinner
Do we need to take a final vote on the Golden Corral?

Library room reservations. Alan and Gary will handle this in person with Kelly online for back-up.

Library Donations. The Austin Public Library asked us to submit a list of books to them. From that list, they will pick the books that they want. We will buy the books and then donate them to the library. The library will put a nameplate in the front noting the donation from the club. We can also help them select books to buy with the money. That seems the first best choice.

We want to ask some club members to form a committee. We thought of John Doty, Jim Gardner, Bill Gillespie, Kurt Baty, Moton Crockett, and a couple of others, all as good choices.

Red Book Donations to Libraries
We did not come to a consensus on this and decided to turn to the club for direction. The problems include finding which libraries have recent Red Books, and which do not. (That is easy to search.) And then deciding if we want to create a rotation so that they all have recent Red Books, whether or not they all have the most recent edition.

Mike suggested that we donate Red Books to middle school libraries. The kids there are most likely to become interested in numismatics. The problem with that is the very many middle schools in the Austin ISD.

Joining the ANA
This will be put to a vote in November.

Round Rock Show
We should do more to promote this show, placing it on the club website homepage. Also, we should see about getting a club table in the lobby at the show.

Mail Box
Bryan is going to close the mail box because for $135 a year, we do not get that much. We get very little mail. The most important is the bank statement, which he gets online anyway. The problem is that if we close the mail box, we have no permanent address for receiving anything. Among those items would be club show materials and Coin Week materials from the ANA. A UPS box would not be much cheaper.

Business for 2016
Code of Ethics for club members.
By-laws and constitution on the website?
Website of our own with dedicated webmaster?

We adjourned at 3:35 PM without discussing Scout Merit Badges. The University of Texas sponsors a Merit Badge University. We were invited to help. The date is in February 2016.

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