Minutes 11.05.15

Members began arriving at 6:30 as we set up the room and socialized. Club president Gary F. called the meeting to order at 7:05.

With 18 members in attendance, we welcomed a new member, Joes R., who collects post-Civil War US federal coinage.

The meeting minutes from October were not considered.

New business

The Christmas party was finalized. We decided to go to the Golden Corral. Alan R. moved and Hal C. seconded. Dinner time will be 7:00 PM; members can bring one guest each. The vote was unanimous by acclamation.

The Library meeting room was successfully reserved for the First Thursday of each month, from 6:30 to 8:30 thanks to Alan R., who stood in line on Monday, November 2, got in early, filled out the forms and secured our preferences for the club.

The Library donations were tabled until after the first of the year. Bryan J. questioned whether and to what extent people still read books. With pricing and everything else online, do we need to contribute books to the library? Bryan J. also said that years ago, we had a club lbrary held at McBride’s and few people actually used it.

Red Books to Schools was a separate item. Every few years, we contribute Red Books to various Austin-area middle schools. This was well-received as the discussion included getting costs from Bill G. through his coin shop for wholesale purchases of Red Books.

Joining the ANA. Christian moved and Harry seconded that the Capital City Coin Club become and ANA member club. The vote was 16 for none opposed with two abstentions. Club secretary Michael M. will handle the details with the ANA.

Treasure Hunt and Show & Tell were both suspended without consideration.

The Three-Legged Buffalo and the Door Prizewere both suspended without consideration.

Monthly Presentation
Kurt B. presented “The Largest Gold Coin in the World.” This historical narrative began with the gold coins of Croesus and ended with the modern era with Austria, Canada, and Australia competing to produce one-ton gold coins.

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