Officers' Meeting Minutes 11.07.14

Capital City Coin Club Minutes of Officers’ Meetings

We met on November 9 and 16 at Whole Foods at Arbor Trails (William Cannon west of Mopac). Present were Gary Frisch (president), Alan Russell (vice president), Mike Marotta (secretary) and Mitch London (past vice president). The purpose of the meetings was to discuss and develop plans for Club meetings and activities in 2015.

Gary suggested Show & Tell nights. According to a theme such as presidents, women, eagles, Olympic, everyone will be invited to bring an item and explain it. Those who do participate would be entered in a drawing for a special door prize.

Gary also suggested Coin Drop Pot: Everyone brings an item according to a theme such as Wheat Cents or Mercury Dimes. We all place our items in a kitty and one name is drawn to win the lot. (We thought that for something like Wheat Cents, five of them would be acceptable number, but for the Mercury Dimes, just one.)

We discussed Roll Searches. The mechanics of this are not finalized. We all have suggestions and questions. Basically, we all would learn by looking through large lots of bank-wrapped rolls, searching for “Cherrypicker” items such as repunched Mint marks, doubled dies, and over-dates. We agreed to do this with quarters and halves because the larger coins are easier to see; and that makes the learning and teaching easier.

We also discussed Scavenger Hunts or Treasure Hunts. Again, we talked back and forth about several ways to do this. (1) One Dollar Federal Reserve Note set. Each of the 12 Feds is designated with a letter A through L, Boston through San Francisco. Can you find a complete set by looking at your dollars in circulation? Going to the bank might be allowed. Judging the winners would be up to the club officers. Who has the most complete, or most interesting collection? (2) Just the Dallas notes. How complete a set can you assemble in a month across all the series? (3) Considering coins, it could be that we pick some item that is challenging but doable, such as a common “Cherrypicker.”

A more involved project would be the production of an 8 to 15 minute video on a topic in numismatics to be posted on YouTube as a way to publicize the club.

Also for to grow the club, we noted the need for closer affiliation with the Texas Numismatic Association, including a larger placement in their newsletter, even if that required buying an advertisement. A new wooden nickel could be made for the 45th anniversary, which was 2014. We could join the ANA as a member club.

Meeting Plans
December 11, 7:00 PM Sirloin Stockade, 1723 North I-35 Round Rock.
January 3. Poke E Joes, Brody Oaks Plaza Noon to 2 PM or whenever. Lunch and socializing and a short meeting to kick off the year by discussing the plans and seeing what everyone else likes.
February 5 – Gary presents on roll searching.
March 5 – club roll searching night.
April 2 – Grading night
May 7 – Artificial toning (and coin cleaning?)
June 4 -
July 2 - Grading night
August 6 – open
September 3 – open
October 1 – open
November 5 – elections and presentations
December 10 – Christmas Party

Finally, club treasurer Bryan Jones has suggested forming a board of past officers. We agreed that this is a good idea. So, this email is going out to them. We just have to make sure that we get them all.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Marotta, Secretary

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